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* Concession applies to health care card holders and children under 18 years. 

* We will provide you with a receipt for all Health Insurance Fund claims

Pricing: Rates
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$110    ($100 concession)

We take a full case history and perform a chiropractic exam.  Treatment will be dependant on exam findings.  Further tests may be required, and we may refer you for X-Rays or other diagnostic imaging.  Please allow 45 minutes to 1Hr for this consultation.


This visit follows up from your initial consultation. Here we will discuss with you the respective findings from your first visit, including diagnostic imaging if applicable, and our recommended treatment options/plan to help you with your health goals.

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$60    ($54 concession)

Standard consultation visits are shorter (from 10 – 30 minutes dependant), and will form part of your integral chiropractic treatment plan.

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FAMILY (3 or more members)

We love seeing families come in to get adjusted together!  We offer a special discount if you come in on the same day.  This is applicable for standard consultation visits only.

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If you are eligible, Medicare offer an EPC program that allows you to receive up to 5 chiropractic visits.  You pay the gap, and we will claim on the spot.  A relevant GP referral will be required.

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If you are eligible to receive Chiropractic treatments under DVA, we are happy to assist you.

Pricing: Rates
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