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Meet The Team

The team at Moonstone Chiropractic & Integral Wellness is made up of skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting you back to optimal health. We offer a range of specializations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our clients.

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Dr Gretchen Balas

Integral Chiropractor (BHScChiro,MClinChiro)

Hi, I’m Dr Gretchen Balas.  I love helping people find their health through Chiropractic!  I graduated from RMIT with distinction, and hold a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) and Masters in Clinical Chiropractic.  In my former career, I worked in business administration, accounting and financial planning.  My love for Chiropractic came after a recommendation from a work colleague to seek help for my chronically painful neck – aggravated from a combination of past horse riding accidents and long hours sitting at a desk job. That first adjustment literally changed my life! I never realised the power of Chiropractic on my health and wellbeing. I embarked on the 5 year university journey because I knew I could change the lives of other people and the community, just like it had for me. Initially my chiropractic career was based on manual adjusting, however over time I discovered lower force techniques such as Network Spinal and Torque Release Technique– which I found to make more sustainable changes in the long term, and change old patterns which kept me repeating the same aspects in my life. I have attended many chiropractic technique seminars since beginning my Chiropractic journey, and recently have completed the Integral Energetics 2 year course from Tree of Life Integral Centre.  I love keeping up to date with Chiropractic and health science research, including new developments in quantum healing, energy and functional medicine, nutrition and of course, I don’t mind some cosmic inspiration!


Andrea Simm

Intuitive Freedom Healer

Hello, my name is Andrea Simm and I am an Intuitive Freedom Healer.I am a mother three adult children and began my working life as a Qualified Chef. As well as being a full-time mum – I understand the demands that all families experience – for the last 18 years I have undertaken Spiritual Development studies in the areas of Reiki, Mediumship and Past-Life readings and Aura Drawings, Vibrational Breath Therapy, Diploma in Forensic Healing and have facilitated Visualised & Relaxation Meditation Workshops for Women,Children and Mediumship Workshops for Women.I have also helped my clients Clear Negative Energies and Geopathic Stress from Homes and properties.After years of searching for answers to my own challenges in life, I was fortunate to be invited to a free Forensic Healing workshop which literally changed my life and the lives of my husband and children.I was 10 years cancer free when another challenge arose in August 2016 when the breast cancer returned. This time I have used my intuition and followed my souls message to return to full health by using natural remedies, nutrients and live food which is especially important after having undergone surgery and trauma. This is helping me heal and has empowered me and my family immensely.Having experienced cancer a second time, has made me research and realise that dealing with it naturally is the way to go and connecting me to the right people has lead me to amazing health results. I have been guided and truly Blessed. I have a real empathy and compassion for my clients and believe the healing journey they are about to experience with me will be a life-changing one.I can help you achieve Freedom For Life!


Vikki Pickering

Wholistic Family Coach

Vikki is a Wholistic Family Coach and Childhood Behaviour Strategist.  She supports families and teachers by providing targeted strategy plans and tools to help bring balance back to their homes and classrooms.  She is a former primary school teacher with over 20 years experience and has developed self-esteem and well-being programs for children.  She has combined her knowledge in childhood development and behaviour strategies with her experience with working with children on the autism spectrum to create a balanced approach to parenting and teaching.


Lis Van Kooten


Homeopathic Facial Analysis

Holistic Life Coach

Meditation Teacher

Personal Trainer (Late 2021)

Compatibility Hair Analysis

With over 30 years’ experience as a Complimentary Health Practitioner, Lis has the knowledge and skills to guide you on your journey to health, wellbeing in a nurturing and supportive manner.


Working together with Lis, you may explore:

  • Repeating themes and questions that seem to keep you stuck

  • Homeopathic remedies specifically selected for you

  • Why you may behave differently to those around you when under stress

  • Joyous movement 

  • Food compatibility on a cellular level via hair analysis


Lis will also be conducting regular workshops and courses. TBA


Homeopathic First Aid (1 day introduction)

Bringing the Balance Back  

• Learn about your unique personality type and how that affects your response to stress. 

• Gain appreciation and understanding of the unique personality type of your family and friends. 

• Gain meaningful insights and strategies to help bring the balance back. 


Classical Homeopath (Adv. Dip),

Cert 4 Clin. Hypnotherapy ATMS Reg 21047

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