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CHIROPRACTIC .... and more: Services

CHIROPRACTIC .... but with a difference!

At Moonstone Chiropractic & Integral Wellness, we are here to help you find what you’re looking for in creating a healthy you.  Health means different things to different people, but end of day, everyone deserves to live optimally.  Chiropractic is a scientifically validated healthcare system that uses specific techniques (the adjustment) to find patterns of fixation and dis-integration within the spine and nervous system, that is stopping the body from functioning at its best. The brain is the “end organ” of all the messages it is receiving (or not receiving!) from the rest of the body – that includes all your muscles, bone and connective tissue, organs, blood vessels, lymphatic system, every single living cell (there’s LOTS of them).  Any hinderance to that communication system (we call that a chiropractic subluxation), and the brain can’t do its job properly. Bad messages in = bad messages out.  Over time, this leads to areas of the brain becoming atrophied – subsequently the parts of the body it supplies also become dysfunctional. This may present as pain, tight weak muscles, stiff joints, headaches, unclear thinking and decision-making, balance issues, sleep disturbances, digestive complaints, fertility issues, mood disorders, feeling overwhelmed, unable to deal with stressful situations, high blood pressure and organ disease.  Current research has shown that being pain-free is not indicative of how healthy your brain and spinal cord is – the brain has many other important functions to perform, and whilst it registers pain, it only lets you know about it when those pain signals become loud enough to be heard – usually because now it’s time to stop and listen!



We use a gentle approach to your chiropractic care – that is, our adjustments don’t generally include traditional manual treatment, but utilise modern, low force, specific spinal contacts to enhance parasympathetic tone and reduce spinal cord tension patterns.  The result is less pain and tight muscles, better movement, clearer thinking, the ability to function in everyday activities, better relationships, healthier choices, and overall ability to enjoy life!

We will work with you to achieve what you are looking for in your healthcare.  


Torque Release Technique

This uses an instrument called an Integrator, which was designed to produce the same intention of a chiropractic adjustment delivered by hand.  It is precise, specific and gentle – delivering a very quick impulse to the spine or extremities, with the right amount of force to create change in the nervous system by altering the frequency at which the nervous system is communicating at. ‘The torque’ aspect of the TRT adjustment recognises that we are 3 dimensional, and that subluxations occur as such.  This allows specificity when delivering the adjustment with more effectiveness and reliability.  Torque Release Technique has been designed to produce consistent adjustments, that are measurable and standardised across practitioners using this method.  It is backed by considerable research, in both chiropractic and medical journals.  Our clients are often surprised at how such a gentle adjustment can produce such significant results in a short amount of time.

Network Spinal

Whilst similar in some aspects to TRT (above), Network Spinal doesn’t use an instrument to deliver the adjustment, but instead new wellness strategies are created in the nervous system by very precise gentle contacts to the spine and body. As Network Spinal has been developed over the years, the emergence of two unique healing waves in the nervous system has been the hallmark of this advanced chiropractic technique. The ‘breath wave’ that emerges early in care help bring spontaneous release of spinal cord tension patterns, progressing into a deeper, coherent wave over time.  This brings new information to the surface, helping suspend old habituations and create new strategies in the nervous system.  The outcome is a more highly organised system in which old stress patterns can be integrated – it’s literally like rebooting your computer operating system, and getting an upgrade to a newer, better version!

The unique aspect of Network Spinal is that one can choose how far they wish to develop these health-promoting strategies in their nervous system.  Initial stages of care are about creating safety in a stressed nervous system, where becoming aware of the tension you are holding allows it to be relinquished quickly.  Greater ease and relaxation is experienced, and this in itself can be life-changing.  However, the work is able to go deeper – where stuck patterns holding you back from going forward in life, habitual responses to situations that you can never seem to alter no matter how hard you try, emotional traumas, recurring spinal tension patterns and your own spiritual journey can be integrated and re-organised into new patterns of growth and wellbeing.  Discovering who you are, and who you can be as more connection and awareness to body-mind-spirit are powerful side-effects of Network Spinal.

Integral Energetics

Integral Energetics is a body of knowledge embracing the constitution of the human being across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains, also recognising the relationship between the body, mind and spirit.  The application of this works synergistically with the chiropractic techniques we use – the light contacts to the body are also resourced from the energetic field surrounding our physical bodies to facilitate levels of integration in the nervous system. This produces outcomes that include:

Flexibility – an increase in physical, emotional and mental flexibility

Adaptability – improvement in the capacity to easily adapt to change

Coherence – improvement in the presence of a strong sense of self and internal leadership

Energized – improved available levels of energy for living

Stability – a greater internal sense of safety, security and presence

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